Healthy Gut = Optimized Immune System and Metabolism

Thank you! Hope you have a peaceful day

It has been a year of pandemic and while our leaders are relying only on a vaccine, I want you to know that a clean and healthy gut makes 80% of our immune system. Together with exercising, sleeping well, and managing stress, we can be protected 100%. And no matter what current disease we are suffering with, taking care of our gut should be our daily priority. We are only as healthy as our insides.🌱 A healthy gut has no inflammation or indigestion, and all 24ft+ of our 'pipes' are happy and clean. What keeps them healthy is fiber, 30g of fiber daily to be exact. Not the substitute fiber from the jar, but one from actual colorful food we eat every day. Please watch the video to understand better, and you can decide what to eat based on the fact that we have to consume 30g of fiber every day, without any exceptions. Cheat days mean compromised immunity. Unfortunately, the majority of the US diet is low fiber and we don’t get the very minimum to keep moving all the pathogens, our own dead or damaged cells, and the waste from the food that we eat through and out of our digestive tract. Consuming a diet rich in fiber reduces the rate of all diseases, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, high cholesterol, auto-immune, gout, leaky gut, cardiovascular disease, low metabolism, low energy, and ALL cancers.

Please print Fiber Chart Table PDF and place it on your fridge. You’ll most likely be shocked by how little fiber you get daily. Using the Fiber Chart, please create a daily meal plan that provides a minimum of 30g of fiber every day.  Thank you so much for watching my video please share with someone who might benefit.


6 NUTRITION LIFEHACKS for healthy metabolism and the immune system: 


  • Start your day with 2 glasses of water and have as much you can throughout the day. Water with fiber carries waste & pathogens out

  • Make sure most of your plate is plants. Add avocados to your meals. 1 avocado has 5g of fiber and incredibly healthy oils

  • Eat 1-2 fruits daily like apple, pear, orange, or snack on veggies with hummus 

  • Add any beans to your meals, and have a bowl of legumes soup of chili every day 

  • Swap 100% white grains for colorful, fiber grains: quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice, whole-wheat pasta, and only high fiber bread

  • Eat Chocolate Chia Pudding everyday

The Healthiest Daily Dessert - Chocolate Chia Pudding


Offers premium nutrition: 15g of fiber per serving, the purest protein, antioxidants, beneficial oils, and JOY!

Ingredients to stock up on, try to find organic:

- Fair Trade Cocoa powder (without sugar or other additives preferably)

- Coconut Milk  (Trader Joe's organic coconut cream is the best)

- Califia or Oatly Oat Milk

- Chia Seeds

- Raisins or any berries (raisins from local G. Alfieri Orchards are great)


Step 1. Fill up a mason jar 1/5 of chia seeds, 1/5 of raisins,  4-5 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 50% oat milk, 50% coconut cream.


Step 2. Close the lid and shake it really well for a couple of minutes, pretend to be a bartender. Taste the flavor, if you need more cocoa. We all have our preferences. I find that coconut milk adds sweetness. Try eating it without added sugars to re-train your taste buds to be cleaner and more mindful too. 


Step 3. Put the jar in the fridge for 3+ hours. The seeds will soak the liquid and the pudding will be ready to enjoy whenever you like. Serve in your favorite glass cup, sprinkle berries or shredded coconut and enjoy daily!

Sending you love and a healthy immune system,


Natasha & Glowing Team