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What is aDisregulated Nervous System?

I bet the majority of us don't know about the invisible but the most important part of our body, our mission control. I bet you instantly thought of your brain. The brain is just a part of it, our powerful nervous system. Here are a few facts I found fascinating about our nerves: 

1. Our heart would be pumping 100 rpm (at a restful state instead of 60!) if our Parasympathetic Nervous System was turned off. That would wear-out our heart twice as fast, and we could not live much beyond 40 years. If our Parasympathetic System was off, our stomach would not digest any food and our body would not recognize or combat any viruses or reproduce any cells. Only thanks to our Parasympathetic nerves we are able to repair & rest our body. What!


2. Our Parasympathetic Nervous System is made of our brain and gazillion of cells & hormones that work together to calm down our heart, turn ON our digestion, immunity, control blood pressure, our immunity to fight off the infections, our liver, kidneys, reproduction - it controls ALL of our organs and their function or the lack of it. It triggers our immunity cells to recognize, destroy & eliminate our old/broken/cancerous cells, as well as all dangerous bacteria, pathogens inside of our body. It's the main system that keeps you alive & healthy long-term!  You can literally figure out how to keep in ON and reduce your dependence on medication for blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion, thyroid pills, sleeping and more. Consider this: simple daily practices can allow your body to regulate itself.

3. Our Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) is only ON when our mind is at peace - when you are in the state of presence, safety, and calm. The moment you start worrying, figuring out your to-do lists, or trying to push through your work deadline, your PNS shuts down, and the Sympathetic Nervous System takes over. The Sympathetic state is the antidote of PNS: designed for our immediate survival, it raises the heart rate, blood pressure to send blood to our muscles; it minimizes our immunity, digestion, and cell repair, shuts down reproduction and processes designed for longevity. It's an excellent tool to protect us in moments of real danger, but as you can see, our body cannot thrive long-term running in a Sympathetic state (stressed state) without proper immunity, repair, and digestion.  Your racing mind is what keeps your Sympathetic state in charge, and our job is to shift to a Parasympathetic state as often as much as possible!

You achieve this state in yoga class, meditation, doing the breathing exercise, reading a book or while enjoying the beauty of nature.
Now that you know something about your nervous system, you can do a lot of things to help your health starting today: it is never too late to begin! Your body loves to heal and repair when you are in a state of inner peace. If you'd like to learn about the anatomy of your mission control, please use the Youtube playlist I created below. Most of our yoga teachers share this information in their classes too. I find it really empowering to know how my body works and what it actually needs to thrive.


I hope to see you in class soon, but in the meantime, please take deeper longer belly-breaths throughout the day - the fastest way to access that magical Parasympathetic state. 



Wishing you glowing health,

Natasha & Glowing Team 

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