More and more people suffer from chronic back pain, neck pain, sciatica, injuries, fatigue that absolutely can be healed holistically and long term. Glow Core & Barre program is specifically designed to rehab and strengthen all vital supportive and stabilizing muscles. It is Glow's mission to rehab and prevent chronic pain. Our body begins to deteriorate with constant stress paired with a limited range of daily motion, weakened abs, gluteus, and leg muscles. That is why we offer Core & Barre program in addition to yoga and meditation. Core training promotes a stronger heart, a positive mind, and more energy. Unique and highly effective, our Barre, Core and Kettlebell classes combine a core-controlled range of motion, optional weights, and cardio, strengthening your body from head to toe. Please read below about each class and its contraindications. 


Bring: mat, water bottle, and Glow-getter attitude
Wear: athletic clothes, grippy socks (no shoes). Socks available at Glow for $9.

Format: 30-45min. mix of standing work with mat work

Reservations: required, opt-in to TEXT waitlist notifications, please

Missed reservations: $11 auto-fee. Note 3-hour cancellation window


 Core Training Benefits
  • Endorphins create a positive, "can-do" attitude

  • Tone up, increase muscle and bone density

  • Build core strength to support your spine

  • Relieve back pain, restore postural alignment

  • Lose most stubborn inches all around your body

  • Recovery from strain or injury, increase range of motion

  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination

  • The small group format allows needed modifications 

  • No previous experience necessary


It is never too late to become your strongest self. 

Glow Barre is an original class infused with Pilates and designed to increase muscle-bone density, improve posture, and promote graceful aging. Gentle on joints, precisely controlled movements target the seat, legs, abs, back, and arms, sculpting and elongating muscles for a toned physique and superhuman strength. Always challenging, core-breath-focused workout uses vital supporting muscles to rehabilitate and prevent chronic pain, injuries and a limited range of motion. Even if you have limited mobility, never worked out, or in recovery: this mindful class is designed to benefit absolutely everybody

Format: 20min standing + 20min mat = 50% standing + 50% mat work

Tools: 3-5lb optional weights, wall barre, resistance pilates props

Perfect for: everyone

Contraindications: none

Mindful Core

Feel Stronger Now with this mindful Core & Hips Burn.
It is never too late to become your strongest self. A 30-minute Glow Core class is a Pilates mat inspired sequence designed to prevent and rehabilitate back pain and weakness around all of our joints.  Gentle on joints, precisely controlled movements target the glutes, thighs, abs, back, and shoulders: all core muscles for postural stability and superhuman strength. Always a challenging, core-breath-focused workout that gives us the mental and physical strength for healthy and active aging. 

Format: 10min standing + 20min mat work  = 30% standing + 70% mat

Tools: wall barre, resistance pilates props

Perfect for: everyone

Contraindications: none



Fun tempo cardio-inspired class targeting your core and toning your entire body, creating a flow of endorphins, a positive attitude, more stamina, and lasting energy.

Format: 90% standing  + 10% mat

Tools: sliding discs, 3-10lb optional weights, resistance bands

Contraindications: limited wrist-knee-back mobility, recent injury or pain



Working with kettlebells in a free range of motion to reclaim core strength & mobility. A fun and mentally stimulating class; a great way to build back, heart, core & other major muscle strength to rehab and prevent back pain long term.

Format: 80% standing + 20% mat

Tools: 7-25lb kettlebells, sliding disks, resistance bands

Contraindications:  limited wrist-knee-back mobility, recent injury or pain


$34 single class | $500 for 20  | $270 for 10 

$89 4+ Glow Membership | $169 Unlimited Glow

Please watch this bike set-up video before class

Please watch this video before your class!

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