We have more and more students come to yoga with undiagnosed back pain, neck pain, sciatica, which can be dangerous - twisting and bending while we don't have the strength to control and support our spinal structure. It is important to see a chiropractor or a doctor when you feel any pain, test and figure out how your spine is compromised. It is our mission to help you rehab and strengthen in the long term. Back pain begins with a limited range of daily motion, weakened abs, gluteus, and tight leg muscles. Unique and highly effective, our Barre, Core and Kettlebell classes combine core-controlled range of motion, optional weights and cardio, strengthening your body from head to toe. Cardiovascular fitness promotes stronger heart, positive mind, more stamina and energy and we all need that for longevity. 


Bring: water bottle and Glow-getter attitude. Mats provided
Wear: athletic clothes, grippy socks (no shoes). Socks available at Glow for $9.

Format: 40-45min. mix of standing work with cardio bursts and mat work

Reservations: required, opt-in to TEXT waitlist notifications please

Missed reservations: $11 auto-fee. Note 3 hour cancellation window



Small controlled movements targeting the seat, legs, abs, back and arms, sculpting and elongating muscles for a toned physique. Challenging, isometric, breath-focused work with vital support muscles to eliminate weakness and stabilize joints. 

Tools: 3-5lb optional weights, wall barre, resistance pilates props

Perfect for: everyone

Contraindications: none



Well tempoed cardio class targeting your abs, and toning your entire body. 

Tools: sliding discs, 3-10lb optional weights, resistance bands and circles

Contraindications: limited mobility, recent injuriy or pain



We use kettlebells in a free range of motion to reclaim core strength & mobility. A fun and mentally stimulating class; a great way to build back, core & major muscle strength to rehab and prevent back pain long term.

Tools: 7-25lb kettlebells, sliding disks

Contraindications:  limited mobility, recent injuriy or pain


$28 single class |  $220 for 10  |  $400  for 20  

$79 Light Glow Membership | $149 Unlimited Glow


Core Challenge Giveaway:

Take any 10 Core classes in 1 month:

 get a pair of grippy socks

 Core & Cardio Benefits
  • Endorphins create positive, "can do" attitude

  • Tone up, increase muscle and bone density

  • Build core strength to support your spine

  • Relieve back pain, restore postural alignment

  • Lose most stubborn inches all around your body

  • Burn over 800 calories in 40 minutes

  • Recovery from strain or injury, increase range of motion

  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination

  • Small group format allows needed modifications 

  • No previous experience necessary

Please watch this bike set-up video before class

Please watch this video before your class!

watch                         why                           we                       love                     to                         spin

Glow Policies Find your answers on FAQ page

All classes require online registration. Register in advance, or simply on your way to class using Mindbody App.

NEW CLIENT $40 10-Day Trial can be purchased by SF residents only. Unlimited classes, autorenews after 10 days. Read more here

Create your Mindbody account, save password & start booking classes, spa appointments - in one place. You can also change your reservations online.

Glow Referral Perk: for each referred friend who becomes a member, you receive $30 off your next charge.

Our easy-pay Memberships auto-renew continuously on month-to-month basis. Cancellations are requested by email only, 30 days before the next charge. When planning to travel, you may skip a month. Request to skip 30 days before the next charge

Cancellation window closes 3h before all classes: 

-  Missed/late canceled classes will result in your class pass loss when you have a limited package.

- $11 Missed/late cancel Fee occurs for Barre, Core or Kettlebell classes. Please cancel 3+ hours ahead if you cannot make it.

Running Late? We allow maximum 5min grace period for classes. Please take the next class if running more than 5min late.

Members, new trial members can bring their guests at a discounted $15 rate. Passes & memberships cannot be shared.

We do not extend or pause memberships. Please be responsible for monitoring your accounts online. 

All sales are final. No refunds allowed on used, missed, canceled and unused services, products and memberships.

Monthly memberships activate on a purchase date and not on the 1st day of the month, so you can jump-start your health anytime!

Please smile, make new friends and be responsible for your own belongings. We can not store yoga mats left behind - please pick them up within 24 hours.

Block of Washington Square Park,  Tony's Pizza,  Tacolicious and North Beach Restaurant. Click for mini-video of our location.

10 min walk from Fin. District - take a beautiful walk :)

MUNI STOP  45, 30, 8X, 41

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