Glow Barre Class is a cocktail of Pilates and Barre techniques. The class is performed on the mat and standing; it utilizes small weights, wall barre, Pilates circles, resistance straps and balls. With intelligent controlled movements and resistance we create sensation of a 'burn' that triggers cells to multiply, increasing bone and muscle density. Class is designed to strengthen every muscle, including vital supportive muscles to rehab and prevent all injuries. Join to discover your lean shape, loose the stubborn inches and regain your core strength. Everyone is welcome to this energetic and fun workout - all levels, all ages. Please watch few videos of Barre moves on our Youtube Channel

Barre Class Rates  

$28 single class  |   $220 for 10   |  $400  for 20  |  and included in Glow Memberships

Barre Benefits:

  •    Improve strength, flexibility and balance

  •    Tone up & increase muscle density

  •    Build deep abdominal muscles to support your spine

  •    Loose most stubborn inches all around you body

  •    Relieve back pain, restore postural alignment

  •    Recovery from strain or injury, increase range of motion

  •    Heighten neuromuscular coordination

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We Are Hiring! If you are an amazing Barre instructor and live nearby, email us!

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