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During the pandemic, I've figured out the most joyful and effective home-studio routine. The year's been really tough and the last thing we need is another stressor. My offering is to empower us with fun non-negotiable daily care that our mind & body will actually crave. This is a live private group training with 21-minute daily routines to tackle our wellness goals. 21 Minutes of morning self-care to enjoy from anywhere you are. Please watch the video below to understand and learn a few lifehacks on why and how to create an adult play space inside your home.

Daily Class Schedule for 2021:

Weekdays 7:30a-7:51a

Saturdays 8a-8:21a 


Why practice morning self-care?  I am inviting you to experience a natural way of generating long-lasting sustainable energy, to support our mental and physical health, to be more focused and effective at our work, and enjoy life to the fullest.


I'll lead a different daily Livestream, alternating my favorite techniques for movement, strength, mobility, mindfulness, plus tension release using foam rollers and therapy balls to make us feel rewarded and cared for. Not only you'll feel much stronger, lighter physically and mentally, but you'll also finally rid of any settled chronic tension. On days you can't join you will have an access to Glow videos on-demand.


I'll share the latest research on how to generate long-lasting energy, support our immune system, prevent or rehab chronic pain, reclaim our range of motion, move smarter, and keep our brains healthy. I'll also include some lifehacks to stay on top of our nutrition without spending too much time in the kitchen. All I wish for all of us is graceful aging, a pain-free body, and a positive mindset to be able to enjoy life at any age.


Tools to prepare for life-long home selfcare routine:

1. Foam roller 18in >
2. Tension-inflammation release set > 
3. Resistance band-loop, pilates ball, yoga block, strap >

4. The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo, hard copy only 


6-Day Home Clearing IGTV Project


Align your space to your life's vision to remove unconscious contradictions. In this video series, on my 4th day of the clearing project I share fun lifehacks while attempting to organize my space using tiny baby steps: see my project's progress on IGTV >

Sending you love, health, and mental clarity,


Natasha & Glowing Team