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Thank you! Hope you have a peaceful day

Don’t know about you, but this pandemic kicked my butt.. July 2020... I remember waking up with my heart pumping out of my chest 170 BPM from horror dreams twice a night, my community was closed and my spirit was sinking into darkness. Then I saw a few rugged gray hairs on my head pop up every day! Not to sound superficial, but that was really my wake-up call. I am not Obama turning gray in a year running a country?! To save my sanity (and my chesnut locks hehee) I built a morning wake-up routine using my favorite breathworks, resistance workouts, and tension release to erase my mental fog, anxiety, to start my day with clean energy, inspiration, and joy…and it frikking worked!! I haven't had a horror dream since starting... and guess the wicked part? Gray hair had stopped, and still nowhere to be seen 15 months after.  I then invited people to join me last January… now 12 months later.. we never stopped. I am turning 40 feeling better, more energized, and focused than ever.. and I now know we CAN say that turning 50, 70, and beyond. We created a daily habit, we zoomed in for 20 minutes daily, knowing that nobody will do this sacred work for us but ourselves. This IS a life-long work to give our mind & body what it needs. I believe that it's our highest honor. 


I am called to share a letter from Cathy, an amazing human, lawyer, wife, mom, and mom-in-law who lives in Napa. Cathy is participating in our daily live 21-minute small group coaching program since January '21. Since last January, together we've worked out over 250 times, that's 6 days a week for 12 months! I am sharing her note as an invitation for you to join her on January 3rd, 2022. We all can benefit from group support, a common goal to build a sustainable daily self-care routine. Join us from ANYWHERE > 

live group coaching


          'You are amazing Natasha and I am sooooo grateful for your continued help with keeping us all going strong.  When I saw the opportunity to sign up for your 21 minute morning class last December 31….being awakened with restlessness in the middle of the night….it was really a miracle that this opportunity was available…truly an answer to prayer.

            I look forward to waking up knowing that I am going to be moving my body to get the day going. Having you lead the way with your warm, sparkly smile is all part of what makes it such a positive start to the day!!

            I love the way you integrate so many tools, with the therapy balls, pilates balls, pilates circle, stretch bands and foam roller… had no idea there were so many ways to move my body!!  You are able to touch on arms and legs every day, with keeping our core as an integral part of what we are doing…amazing that you can do all of that in about 20 minutes!!  The regular, daily increments of exercise have gradually increased my overall strength…it is amazing to see how just that short amount of time on a sustained basis can really make a difference.

            The way we even have time to share a bit at the beginning or end with the others on the Zoom …and your positive insights that you share has been a special bonus. Knowing that we are all in this together😊 Whew!!  That is A LOT in 21 minutes!!

            Thank you so much for your dedication to keeping us healthy…and happy!!  Hope you have a very merry and bright Christmas holiday!!


- Cathy

My offering is to empower us with fun non-negotiable daily care that our mind & body will actually enjoy. This is a live private group training with 22-minute daily routines to tackle our wellness goals. To age with grace, build strength that matters long-term, and most importantly, fuel your morning spirit, focus, and productivity - join our group from ANYWHERE > 


22 Minutes of morning self-care to enjoy from anywhere you are - invite a friend or a family member from another city to spend mornings together! 


The group support is the light of the program, the group is the heart, the group helps us not abandon us…. I could not be more proud and inspired to keep this sacred work of building ourselves up UP ☺️❤️ 

Welcome a new chapter of your life with a daily workout that brings you joy. Welcome yourself to GLOWING 2022. 🧚🏼‍♀️

We start on January 3! 

Daily Class Schedule for 2021:

Weekdays 7:30a-7:52a PST

Saturdays 8a-8:22a  PST

If that schedule doesn't work for you - you can access my daily program and a variety of Glow Classes On-Demand for $20/week >


Toys to prepare for home self-care:

1. Pilates resistance set >

2. Arms-Shoulders Band  (Red or green) > 

3. Foam roller 18in >

4. Tension-inflammation Relief Set >

5. Morning Reflections Book by Mark Nepo (paperback) > 

Sending you love, health, and mental clarity,



What participants are saying:


'I saw so many glorious sunrises thanks to signing up for Natasha's class! I love how she shares her enthusiasm for good health & self-care. She teaches practical, do-able, fun exercises to help energize your mind & body for the new day. She also shares life hacks, recipes & inspirational quotes to give us a genuine boost as we launch into this new year. It’s like a wellness camp!'


'I am more inspired to exercise, get up every morning, and be invigorated to walk every day and stay active.  My body is more strong and agile since starting Natasha's morning routine.'


'I look forward to having this time in the morning, to start my day. The combination of core strength work, flexibility, and Natasha's positive energy make it fun'.


'Natasha has a magical and generous way of creating community and healing with those that take her classes. The emphasis on self-care with the roller, therapy balls was a big help to my ongoing bursitis issues.' 


'The Glowing 2021 program has done wonders for getting me off of the sofa and moving, getting in tune with my body.  I love the class and loved being with you every morning!' 


'During the class, Natasha inspired me every morning with her calm and happy energy.  I learned how to eat better and do better things for my body and how to relieve stress from work. Amazing!'


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